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American Dangerous by Renée Olander

American Dangerous is a stunningly honest book of semi-autobiographical poetry about a single, middle-aged woman’s experiences of rape, the prejudice derived from interracial love, the death of her parents and America’s class system. It reads like a story.

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What is the worst women suffer under patriarchy? What are the crimes? American Dangerous is an important and riveting book. A book of witness, of history of passion and care. Renee Olander gives her eye, ear and mind to poems that consider the particulars of oppression of women, major issue of our time. This helps the cause and the balance toward parity and empowerment. Kudos to this brave, salient poet. –Anne Waldman, Academy of American Poets

Renée Olander has taught writing, critical thinking, literature and pedagogy at university and K-12 levels for thirty years. A widely-published writer, she has two chapbook collections of poems, A FEW SPELLS (2010) and WILD FLIGHTS (2000)

She is an associate vice president at Old Dominion University where she teaches creative writing, critical thinking and literature.

ISBN: 978-0-9955999-4-9

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