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Part One


I want to talk about the artist’s inevitable split between Creative Self and Ordinary Self. The idea of a double persona has long been a fascination of mine as I find writers, by nature, both intimately fixed to and detached from greater society. The intimately connected side is the fevered side that usually elicits love or hate. Sure, this ardent persona can play a part in the life of the Creative Self, but it’s not what interests me, and ultimately, I don’t think it’s the trait that gives a writer that degree of separateness that is commonly found. After all, most people have the ability to be emotional; artists tend to be hyperemotional, but it’s the special ability to observe though emotion that creates a writer.   A writer’s Creative Self is forever scrutinizing the interaction of their Ordinary Self and the role of the observer is to remain neutral. This neutrality is what interests me most, for neutrality gains respect, but it does not form impassioned alliances, hence the degree of separation. Not only that, but it’s easy to confuse observation with indifference or even a lack of feeling, so a writer’s creative double is a paradox of hyper-emotion and detachment.


A difficult line to walk!


I will speak about how I juggle both in my next blog, but first, I would really like to hear your strategies and open this up for discussion.


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